Estudo Da Qualidade Das Águas Por Meio Da Correlação De Parâmetros Físico-Químicos, Bacia Hidrográfica Do Ribeirão Anicuns

Tiago Godoi Ribeiro, Geraldo Resende Boaventura, Luciano Soares da Cunha, Sandro Morais Pimenta


It was used Spearman, a nonparametric method for scattered data that do not belong to a standard measurement scale, but have an order, in order to identify the relevant parameters of water quality in Ribeirão basin Anicuns, Goiânia, GO. Two sampling campaigns were carried out in 2015, during the rainy and dry seasons, in 12 sampling points. Were determined parameters temperature, color, turbidity, pH, total dissolved solids, conductivity, dissolved oxygen, alkalinity, ammonia, sulfate, phosphate, nitrate, chloride and fluoride. The analysis nonparametric Spearman, helped in understanding and identifying the correlations between the physicochemical parameters, confirming the results and their relationship with the land use process. various anthropogenic changes were observed, resulting from the lack implementation of urban, socio-economic, environmental planning, today set out in the Master Plan of the city of Goiania. The parameters determined during the 2015 period shows the change in water quality in Anicuns stream basin, indicating the direct influence of human activities.


Water Quality; Physical-chemical parameters; Correlation.



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