O livro didático brasileiro de Ciências: aproximações e distanciamentos do currículo prescrito ao planejado na temática do Sistema Solar

Dérik Mateus Martoneto


This study aimed to analyze the conformance of the prescribed science curriculum, in relation to the curriculum planned for the student, regarding the thematic of the Solar System. Conformance with the PCNs (National Curricular Parameters) was also assessed. This qualitative research analyzed seven collections of the 6th grade of elementary school II, approved by the PNLD (National Book and Didactic Material Program), regarding the thematic of the Solar System. A documentary analysis was carried out. The author has observed many disparities regarding the subjects addressed in science textbooks, and found no agreement between the presentations contained in teacher manuals and student books. Few books meet the requirements of PCNs for science teaching, showing that science teaching is not neutral and is always under construction. It behooves authors to seek to reaffirm their proposals and meet the objectives of PCNs, seeking to provide a better construction of knowledge in science teaching.


Science teaching; Textbook; Curriculum; Astronomy; Solar System.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.20396/td.v14i2.8651164


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