Journal History

The Geochimica Brasiliensis is a journal that is intended for the dissemination of scientific topics of broad interest and original character related to geochemistry in its various aspects, including modern processes and new field techniques and laboratory. Are they:

o Lithogeochemistry
o Isotope Geochemistry
o Geochemistry and the Prospecting Metallogene
o Organic Geochemistry (oil, coal and gas)
o Environmental Geochemistry and Surface
o Biogeochemistry
o Hydrogeochemistry
o Atmospheric Chemistry
o Medical Geology
o Analytical Geochemistry

The Geochimica Brasiliensis publishes articles, review articles, book reviews and issues notes linked to Geochemistry. The texts must be written in English.
Article is main mode of publication and should be written in accordance with the Rules. They will not be accepted partitioned articles (eg. Part 1, part 2). Articles should allow independent reading. Should be objective and concise. The review articles are published by invitation of the Editors. The goal is to communicate progress in a specific field of Geochemistry, presenting a critical account of the state of the art point of view of highly qualified and experienced specialists. The book reviews are also published the invitation Editors and Notes are intended for short texts that deserve quick communication.