Importancia estratigráfica y paleobiogeografica del genero Grapnelispora Stover & partridge en el cretácico tardio del hemisferio austral

Elíseo G. Sepúlvecter, Oscar H. Papú, Wolfgang Volkheimer


Findings of Grapnelispora Stover & Partridge in Late Cretaceous formations of northern Patagonia and southern Mendoza (Argentina) are presented. These discovered complement those from Australia, New Zealand, Antarctica and Neuquén and confirm restriction of the genus to the Late Campanian - Maastrichtian. The clear difference in size existing between forms from 1) Antarctica, 2) northern Patagonia and southern Mendoza and 3) Australia - New Zealand indicate the presence of different species in the three regions mentioned. The chronostratigraphic data available up to this moment show that the three species correspond to different ages. The depositional environment of the formations bearing Grapnelispora in Argentina is lacustrine to brackish, in some cases with marine influence. The geographic distribution of the genus is, according to existing information, restricted to the southern hemisphere.

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