Estudo microflorístico e petrológico dos carvões da mina do faxinal, formação Rio Bonito (Permiano), RS

Margot Guerra - Sommer, Marleni Marques - Toigo, Paulo Sérgio Gomes Paim, Gilberto I Heinz, João Batista R. da Silveira, Yeda Backheuser


This paper is the result of the petrological and microfloristic analysis of coal seams from the Faxinai Mine (Rio Bonito Formation, Lower Permian, Paraná Basin, southern Brazil). Petrological data showed a great predominance of the Vitrinite macçral group (mainly Vitrite) and a low amount of the Exinite and Inertinite groups. Dispersed wood and cuticular fragments were predominam in the palynological samples, while pollens and spores were less abundant and in general poorly preserved. Microfloristic analysis has revealed an association with a predominance of spores related to a pteridophytic plant community. The available petrological and palynological data suggest that the coal seams originated mainly in a telmatic environment

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