A sucessão da microflora nas camadas de carvão da Bacia Carbonífera de Charqueadas: Formação Rio Bonito, RS, Brasil

Marleni Marques - Toigo, Maria Elice Dias - Fabrício, Miriam Cazzulo - Klepzig


On the basis of seven boreholes from the Charqueadas Coalfield, Rio Grande do Sul State, South Brazil, palynological analyses of three coal seams (I2B, I1F and MB) were made. A rich miofloristic assemblage was determined by quantitative and qualitative data. The I2B coal seam was characterized by agreat concentration of algal related forms,the by the presence of the genera Maculatasporites and Anguisporites, while the MB coal seam showed a relative abundance of Cyclogranisporites and saccate forms. These data allowed a correlation of these coal seams to be made throughout different points of the Charqueadas Basin. The abundance of pteridophytic spores in most of the studied levels suggests a predominantly hygrophilous environment during peat formation

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.11606/issn.2316-8986.v15i0p65-72


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