Megásporos de São João do Triunfo, Paraná, formação Rio Bonito (Permiano)

Mitsuru Arai, Oscar Rösler


This study of megaspores complements the series of studies on fóssil plants from the São João do Triunfo locality (Paraná State, Brazil). The analyzed material comes from the same bed that yielded the miospores described by ARAI & RÖSLER (1980). The megaspore assemblage contains almost exclusively the genus Lagenoisporites, L. scutiformis TRINDADE (1970) being the dominant species. Subordinately, there occur several specimens of a new species proposed here - L. triunfensis n. sp. ARAI & RÖSLER (1980) dated the bed as Artinskian (Early Permian), Which implies a wider chronological range for Lagenoisporites than that previously pointed out by TRINDADE (1970). The excellent preservation of the megaspores corroborates the observation of RÖSLER (1979) favoring the autochthonous character of the major part of the taphotlora

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