Primer registro paleofloristico de la formación la colina (Paleozoico superior), Cuenca Paganzo, Republica Argentina

Carlos O Limarino, Silvia N Césari


This paper presents a new paleofloristic gondwanic association discovered in the red beds of La Colina Formation, which has been considered previously as paleobotanically sterile. The fóssil plants are preserved as impressions in red siltstone of the lower member of the formation. The paleofloristic association is made up by the following genera: Cordaites cf. hislopi (Bunbury) Seward & Leslie, Euryphyllum whittianum Feist., Gangamopteris spp., Glossopteris cf. wilsonii (Seward) Archangelsky, Archangelsky & Cúneo, ?Rhabdotaenia sp., Paracalamites australis Rigby. The age and the correlation of this association are discussed. The presence of the Glossopteris flora in La Colina Formation confirms a Permian age for this unit

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