Sobre o uso dos termos geocronológicos e cronoestratigráficos

Mitsuru Arai, Pércio de Moraes Branco


This paper aims to reinforce and promote rules for the correct and unambiguous usage of geochronologic and chronostratigraphic terms in the Brazilian geoscientific literature. The distinction between the two types of terms was clearly established by the Brazilian Stratigraphic Nomenclature Guide in 1986. However, we have often observed the misuse of these terms; in particular, chronostratigraphic terms used in place of geochronological terms, and vice versa. In the early 1990s, the first author began a campaign against such misuse through personal contacts and the publication of short notes focusing on the problem. The decision to write this longer and more comprehensive article has been motivated by the first author’s role as a member of the editorial committees of Petrobras’s Bulletin of Geosciences (2006–2013) and the Brazilian Journal of Paleontology (since 2016), thereby alerting him to the seriousness of the problem.


Stratigraphic nomenclature; Geoscientific literature; Writing standard.

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