Conhecer para entender: um estudo observacional da geomorfologia costeira de Santa Catarina

Felipe Rodrigues, Ana Paula de Martini de Souza, Tairiny Simeonato, Ronaldo Alves dos Santos Junior, Ana Beatriz de Lima Neves Gonzaga, Fabiola Kaviatkovski


The coastal zone is an area of considerable economic importance due to tourism, fishing and port activities. These scenarios compounded with rapid urban growth require the application of environmental mitigation policies, such as sustainable environmental zoning to reduce the degradation of coastal zones. This study aims to contextualize Santa Catarina’s geomorphological coastal features by means of field observations using scientific photography in six selected municipalities. Coastal dynamics, including weathering processes, transport agents, and the deposition of sedimentary material, have influenced the local geomorphology at all assessed locations. The authors have observed several beach environments with erosion damages, as well as some techniques being used to contain these processes. In conclusion, observational studies are important to improve the understanding of coastal environments evolution and to provide data for coastal management and environmental zoning.


Coastal zone; Geomorphology; Field Observations; Santa Catarina; Coastal Management.

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